Educational Resources

Group/Classroom Activities

Sort the animals:

  • beak/no beak
  • 4 legs/2 legs
  • feathers/fur

Alphabetize all the animals in the book.

Make a poster of a certain animal from the book.

Draw the animal and list five important facts.

Paint a forest scene and include a wildlife tree.

Write a story about one of the animals in The Wildlife Tree.

Fold a page into four parts. Mark each for the four seasons- summer, winter, fall, spring.  Sort the animals from The Wildlife Tree into each section.

Write a story:
If the animals could describe their home, what would they say?

Use words from the book for spelling practice.

Research other animals that live in wildlife trees.

Predict what each animal will do next.

Schedule an author visit:

Large Group Visit

 $200 per day
Travel ($.55 per mile)
Hotel/meal costs (if applicable)

Visit includes:

  • One large group session
    4  small group sessions
  • 45-60 minutes each session

Book signing and large group book orders available

Sample Sessions:

  • K-1   Re-enact story
  • K-1   Maine Quest Game
  • 2-3   Problem Solving
  • 4-6   Writing/Drawing Process

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